Clasamentul Festivalului Internațional de Folclor Cântecul de dragoste de-a lungul Dunării, ediția 2017


 Trofeul Trio Bereghinya (Marina Braila, Iryna Shcherbina, Nadia Lapshina) Ucraina
 Premiul I Andreea Iulia Mihai România
 Premiul II Simona Vasilica Mazăre România
Premiul  III Grupul Bistrik (Kristina Dencic, Jovana Baraksadic, Jovana Terzic, Tijana Butric) Serbia
Premiul pentru autenticitate costum Alexandra Băcilă România
Premiul de popularitate Florin Ștefan România
Premiul Fundației Academice Europene Euroculturalia Liliana Iustina Ursachi România
Premiul Fundației Academice Europene Euroculturalia Nicoleta Ghelase România
Premiul Fundației Academice Europene Euroculturalia Florin Ștefan România


Love Song along Danube Festival Regulation 2017 Edition

The 11th Edition, Braila, Romania, July 18- 20, 2017

The registration in the contest:
The winners of the previous editions (the winner of the trophy’s, first prize, second prize and third prize) cannot participate in the contest. Also, in the case that one contestant already participated in two editions of the festival, a third participation is not possible.The winner of the trophy in the previous edition will be presented for performing a micro recital, at the organizers request (case in which the organizers will cover the expenses for transportation, accommodation and meals).

The registration in the contest is made on the basis of a registration form (according to annex). The record will be sent together with a CD or attached to an e-mail containing the repertory for the contest. All of these will be sent to the address of The County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, nr. 2 Piata Traian (Traian Square), postal code 810153, phone no/ fax +40239.614.710 Braila, Romania until the 30th of June 2017. The songs in mp3 format and the documents required for the registration in the contest may be also sent to the e-mail address:

Each contestant will present 2 songs, different as structure (tempo, tune, rhythm, and feature); the first song, without accompaniment, and the second one with musical accompaniment, representing the ethno folklore area from which the contestant comes.
The songs will correspond, through their content, to the message transmitted by the festival’s title – the love song.

The contestants will wear the costume specific to the area or ethnic group they belong to.
The pre-selection for the Romanian and the foreign contestants will be done on the basis of the audio material sent – CD-mp3 or e-mail, on the 3rd of July 2017. The decisions will be made by the contest jury.
For registration in the contest, each candidate will present/send up to the pre-selection date:
– Copy of the identity card;
– The registration form filled in;
– 2 digital colour artistic photos;
– Copy of the scholar/ student card, where appropriate, in order to benefit from the existing tax opportunities (only for the foreign contestants).
The contestants admitted in the contest will be notified and they have the obligation to send to the organizers the scores of the songs until the 7th of July 2017.

Love_Song_along_Danube Festival Regulation 2017 Edition